Welcome to Peak Functional Medicine

Christina W.

When I first came to Peak Center, I had been diagnosed with PCOS and attested a lot of my health issues to that diagnosis. I had seen several doctors, including specialists, and was convinced that there was no help for me and I had absolutely no faith in any branch of medicine. I was, in a word, defeated.

Had I not gone “all in” with Dr. Ken, I would not have found out how deep my health issues actually ran. I had been told time and time again by multiple doctors that if I “just lost weight” it would fix all of my problems, and was put on extremely restrictive diets and medications for that purpose, which solved nothing and actually ended up being extremely taxing on my mental health as well. In fact, one doctor suggested gastric bypass surgery and suggested that I ‘put a few more pounds on’ so that I could qualify for the surgery itself. I had never felt more invisible as a human being, less heard, and less safe with a professional who was supposed to be the person with all the answers to health.

With Dr. Ken, I found a doctor who not only listened to me, but delved deeper with compassion and understanding to investigate what the root causes could be other than just obesity (which is a common side-effect of PCOS). He explained to me that a lot of hormone imbalance actually comes from the gut, and rather than guessing at what might actually be the source of my discomfort, we ran labs – food allergy testing, stool testing, and other labs, which were used to help come up with a completely unique treatment plan based on what my body was telling us about what it needed in order to heal.

After only a few months I have already seen amazing results. It has given me something that I thought was lost to me: Hope. I cannot possibly thank Dr. Ken enough for finally helping me get to a point where I no longer feel like I am at war with my own body, and the immense relief that it has brought to me to finally have a doctor whom I can trust.

N. West

After years of going from one doctor to another with no real understanding of what was wrong with me and not relief of my pains, I encountered one of Dr. LaDue's facebook seminars on thyroid and inflammation. I immediately called􀀁 Dr. LaDue listened to my problems, my aches and pains. He ran tests and he clearly explained the reasons for those problems to be there. He created a plan to start making me feel better. I had very high levels of inflammation, digestive issues and thyroid issues among other symptoms. I started to feel better within a few weeks, my life have changed since and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, he is also taking care of my teenage children, and soon my husband as well. We all love going there􀀁 The staff is amazing, super friendly, and the results life changing. I'm so grateful.

Cheryl S.

My 9 year old daughter has been seeing Dr. Ken for 3 months now for gut inflammation. He listened to our concerns, asked great questions to understand her history and lifestyle, and made my daughter feel so comfortable. We left our appointment feeling hopeful and excited for change. My daughter is PAIN FREE and thriving! Seeing her attitude change has been so life giving to our family. She even has a laugh now that we’ve never heard before! Thank you Dr. LaDue and the PEAK Staff for your encouragement and support. We love PEAK!

Marcia C.

Dr LaDue
I want to thank you for your care of my dear Brooklyn. Her situation was so sad when we first came to your clinic. Other than going to work, she couldn’t / would not live life. She would come sit at my work so she would not be home alone. If my husband was out of town for work, she would sleep in our room. It really was so hard for all of us. We are all so thankful for all the progress she has made in every area of her life.

It always seems like the visits that I attended with her; your words were always perfect for her. And without you knowing all the details of her days/life. Your words encouraged and blessed her. She has been glowing the last few months. She has moved 1200 miles away. We are joining her soon, but we are amazed she went on before us. Thank You!!! May God have blessed favor on you, your family, and your practice.