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Autoimmune disease is one if not the most significant health issues in america.  Over 50 million Americans suffer from some form of autoimmune condition.  That equals more than those who suffer from heart disease and cancer combined.  Women are the ones that are predominantly affected by these crippling conditions.  If we do not address, discuss and treat autoimmunity differently, these numbers will be predicted to skyrocket in the coming years. 

We must understand that Autoimmune disease is NOT an immune issue at all.  There is nothing wrong with your immune system.  There are over 100 different autoimmune diseases that people are diagnosed with every day.  These people are being told that their immune system is attacking their own healthy tissues, that their immune systems are turning on them, and their own tissues are the target of an immune system gone wild.  Before we go any further, you need to ask yourselves: Does that make any sense to you?  Why would your immune system do that?  Is your body broken? How did it get that way?

Well I have good news!  Your body is not broken.  Your body does not make mistakes.  It is ALWAYS doing the right thing at the right time. Regardless of the autoimmune diagnosis you were given, all autoimmune conditions are relatively the same in many ways; they just impact different parts of the body.  The commonality that they do have is that the immune system is involved.  Everyone has an immune system which is a special network of cells that function to protect your body from foreign invaders, not your own tissues. 

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So what is going wrong?  We encounter toxins and stresses everyday that are part of everyday life.  They can present in the form of food allergies, glyphosate from our food supply, chemicals found in beauty supplies, mold exposure, and vaccines to name a few. All of these can damage, change, or transform the cells of your body causing your immune system to look at it as foreign.  Supporting the fact your body does not make mistakes.  It is doing what it is designed to do. 

An example of this is when your thyroid becomes the foreign invader. The Epstein-Barr virus can get into your healthy cells and change them. If the thyroid cell is now different, then the body says that thyroid is not supposed to be there. It does not recognize it as self.  This is not an immune issue because it’s not attacking healthy tissue. It's attacking what’s not supposed to be there. Your body is smart. Do you think it is attacking cells to hurt you or to protect you? The immune system is working to protect your body! It is programmed for survival. It’s the same for all autoimmune diseases. As soon as you start to remove those stresses, toxins and triggers do you think your body will stop attacking? It sure will.

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You need to take steps to remove the toxins that are changing your body and causing the immune response. So, the immune system can continue to protect you from foreign invaders. So while all autoimmune diseases are the same in the fact that they initiate the immune system to remove foreign invaders, not everyone or every autoimmune disease is the same. There are different toxins that alter the cells and different triggers for different people. You need to get tested to get to the cause of what is triggering your immune system. It can be mold, food allergies, vaccines and other toxins.  Identifying the invader helps us to devise a plan that is specifically tailored to your specific condition.  Like many other conditions there is not a one size fits all solution to autoimmune diseases. For example, the traditional method is to suppress the immune system so it does not do any harm.  Regardless of the problem, that is the go to solution.  I hope you see how that is short sighted, and can actually do harm.  When you recognize what the true cause is, eliminate it, the immune system will no longer need to activate, and you can initiate the healing process so you can get back to normal life.

Instead of the traditional immunosuppressant drugs and the notion of just dealing with it for the rest of your life, proper testing allows for the identification and removal of the triggers associated with the cause of the autoimmune process. The body is always doing the right thing at the right time. That foundation is the starting point to solving the autoimmunity puzzle.

When health takes a sudden unexplained turn for the worse, there is a good chance the immune system is playing a role in the process. While it can be a sudden event that triggers autoimmunity, it can also be a gradual process as well. It could have been happening asymptomatically until the symptoms finally started showing up. Whether it is Hashimoto’s, Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, Crohn’s, or potentially any other identifiable autoimmune issues, they all share many things in common.